The Club

RFPL Awards Collage FINALThe team is currently coached by Jeremy Carlson. The assistant coaches for the 2019-2020 season are:  Ulice Payne, Spencer Herrick, Courtney Johnson, James Glaubitz, Leah Fletcher, Anna Brettigan, Josh Edwards, Hunter Cobian, Coryn Davidson and Megan Nekola

The powerlifting team is an organization supported 100% by its booster club. The booster club is made up of parents of lifters and other interested individuals, and meets throughout the year to keep the program running smoothly.

There are two major events the booster club organizes:

The Regional Powerlifting Meet held at River Falls High School, typically at the beginning of December each year. This event requires many volunteers behind the scenes to get everything organized prior to the day, and then takes close to 75 volunteers the day of the event to make it successful. Volunteers including judges, spotters (to keep the lifters safe), loaders (to change the weights for each participant), table workers (to keep all the records straight), concessions, and hospitality for all the volunteers and coaches are needed to make this event a success in supporting our lifters each season.

The Western Wisconsin Open is also held at RF High School at the beginning of October each year.  The WWO is a sanctioned USAPL meet open to men and women across the region.  Once again this event requires volunteers behind the scenes to plan for, organize and implement a successful meet to support our club lifters.

If you would like to become more involved, we would love to have you! Just show up at a meeting or contact any of the board members to find out when the next meeting will be, or how you can help out.

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